Penticton Arts Council

The Penticton Arts Council - 4th Annual Arts Awards!

4th Annual celebration recognizing winning nominees for their outstanding achievement. The arts awards serve to underline the importance of the arts in our communities, and to recognize individuals and organizations for the significant contributions and for their exceptional support of arts and culture in the Penticton and District area.

Art awards dates: March 2, 2017

Nomination Form

Nomination Categories

Aboriginal Arts Excellence Award:multi-disiplinary
Arts Educator: a teacher in any context, public school, community
Dance: performance, choreographers, companies
Design: fashion, jewelry, furniture
Graphic Arts: advertising, web design, commercial graphics
Literary Arts: fiction, non-fiction, news, weblogs, poetry
Media Arts: film, video, animation
Music: singing, song writing, instrumentation, composing, performance
Supporter of the Arts: through financial, volunteer or other significant contribution
Theatre: producer, director, actor, company
Visual Arts: all forms and types of visual arts
Youth: 19 and under one award will be given in any of the above categories
Aboriginal Youth:19 and under
Lifetime Achievement Award – This award will be presented on the basis of overall contributions to the arts in the Penticton Arts Council community. This is not a nomination award

2017 Nominations - January 31, 2017